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Sauvignon Blanc

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The Pacific ocean’s influence in Leyda Valley translates into this Sauvignon Blanc with vibrant acidity and expressive character. Ranging from citrus to tropical fruits alongside outstanding herbal notes, this is a perfect variety and origin match where the result is exceptional.


Leyda Valley


Sauvignon Blanc




Bright, pale yellow with greenish hues.


Great aromatic intensity, complex and elegant. Upfront notes of citrus peel, like grapefruit, along with tropical notes, including passionfruit, intermingled with herbal notes like asparagus.


Fresh and with good volume. This is a well-balanced wine with vibrant acidity and a long finish in which the notes perceived on the nose reappear

Ideal to pair with oysters, king crab, salmon or tuna tartare, or any fresh seafood. Serve chilled, preferably between 9 and 11ºC.

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