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Tayu Pinot Noir

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Tayu celebrates Chile’s indigenous roots through an honest collaboration between the Buchahueico community in southern Malleco Valley with our San Pedro winery. One of our greatest prides, this vibrant Pinot Noir showcases a true cool climate character with a tart, red fruit core that hints of local herbs and earthy notes.


Malleco Valley


Pinot Noir




Intense ruby red.


The nose reveals notes of fresh red fruit, like cherries, along with spicy and herbal notes, such as wild Chilean herbs such as paico and boldo, as well as peppermint.


This is a very fresh wine with a dense structure, revealing the effect of the granitic soil. It has vibrant acidity, that persists through the long finish.

Serve with mild blue cheeses like gorgonzola dolce, brie or goat cheese. Or with a mushroom risotto, or any truffle-infused dish.

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