Casillero del Diablo

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Uco Valley

The maximum expression of Argentina

A unique terroir with huge prestige, the Uco Valley boasts alluvial soils with high calcium carbonate content (situated at an altitude of 1,000 to 1,100 m.a.s.l.).
The continental Mendoza climate, which experiences low rainfall (150 to 200mm per year, concentrated in summer), is characterized by stark temperature variation from day to night. The diversity of microclimates, large temperature variation, different soils and altitudes, are all factors that provide a unique ecosystem for growing the Uco Valley’s highest-quality Malbec grapes, which is why the region is internationally renowned for its premium wine production.
Las Montañas

The soils have sandy silt texture, with calcareous sediments, comprised of 70% gravel covered by calcium carbonate, found at different depths which gives us great heterogeneity of soils and wines.