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Maule Valley

Chile's largest wine region

Maule Valley enjoys several natural advantages, which is why it’s deemed perfect for growing different types of grapes.
Located 250 kilometers south of the Chilean capital of Santiago, the Maule Valley is known for its warm, dry climate and for its irregular, rocky soils. Today the valley is showing its true character with dry-farmed red wines that give excellent, elegant natural acidity.
Las Moradas

Las Moradas is located in Pencahue and receives its name from the color of the soils in which it is planted (morada means purple in Spanish) The soils here are shallow, colluvial and stony, with good humidity and drainage. The vineyard is located just below the hills of the region, where there is a very high temperature during the day, leading to the grape’s optimal maturity. The result is a wine with well-balanced, aromatic expression that stays true to the variety.