Casillero del Diablo

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Maipo Valley

Where history was born

Maipo Valley is the oldest winemaking region of Chile, located in the Metropolitan Region, 40 km south of Santiago.
In the foothills of the Andes, this valley has a Mediterranean climate, with large temperature swings between day and night, which creates a thermal oscillation of 20C. This origin is recognized for producing quality Cabernet Sauvignon with high complexity.
Las Piedras

Las Piedras is planted on the secondary terrace of the Maipo River in the upper part of the valley. Here, alluvial soils are thin, stony and well drained, of clay-sandy composition, with deep and good permeability. This results in an ideal ripening of the grapes during the growing season, leading to the fruit size appropriate to produce premium reds with soft tannins, typical of the Maipo Valley.