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Elqui Valley

The northernmost frontier of Chilean viticulture

Bordering the Atacama Desert, Elqui Valley’s latitude of 29° makes it Chile’s northernmost wine region. It’s at the very southern edge of the Atacama Desert, located 250 miles (400km) north of the Chilean capital, Santiago.
Traditionally, the region focused exclusively on producing Chile's trademark spirit, Pisco, but today Elqui Valley vineyards are producing bright, intensely aromatic wines.
El Terral

This vineyard is located in the Elqui Valley, 25 km from the sea, next beside the Elqui River. It has a coastal climate, with abundant cloud cover during the day, with high relative humidity and moderate temperatures. This allows for a slow maturation of its grapes.

The soils here are colluvial, formed mainly by angular and mixed rocks of medium size, with a clayey silt texture and a stone-free depth of 0.8 to 1.2 meters. This gives the vine’s roots optimal development, and influences the expression of minerality in wines.