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About Us

1865's story
our origins

Each bottle of 1865 captures over 150 years of winemaking experience, demonstrating the evolution and potential of Chilean viticulture. In the year 1997, 1865 became the second addition to San Pedro’s premium line, its name honoring the year the winery was founded.

Our beginnings

1865 wasn’t just any year. It’s the year that San Pedro winery was founded. We created an exceptional wine range to honor where we started and how far we have come. A wine whose philosophy is based on the best possible match between variety and vineyard.

Each bottle of 1865 is the product of the careful selection of emblematic varietals from the most recognized winegrowing regions across Chile.

Our present

1865 is a profound declaration of elegance and style, that defends its qualities at the same time as it expresses the best of its roots. Each wine is specially elaborated with its own unique character, driven by our exploration of new valleys and terroirs.